Terms and conditions

Applicaton of this agreement

  • Article 1

Accommodation contracts concluded by the hotel and contracts related thereto shall be in accordance with the provisions of this agreement and matters not stipulated in this agreement shall be based on laws or customs.

Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the hotel can respond to the special agreement to the extent not contrary to the purpose, laws and customs of this agreement.

Rejection of accommodation underwriting

  • Article 2

The hotel may refuse to accept accommodation in the following cases.

(1) When the accommodation application does not depend on this policy

(2) When there is not room in the room due to full occupancy.

(3) When a person who intends to stay finds that there is a possibility of acts contrary to the provisions of laws and regulations or public order or good manners of goodness.

(4) When a person who intends to stay is obviously admitted to be infectious.

(5) When a special burden is requested for accommodation.

(6) When natural disasters, facility failures or other unavoidable reasons can not be accommodated

(7) When it is deemed that things to be stayed cause serious inconvenience to other guests due to drunkenness etc.

(8) When there is a behavior in which the guest person causes remarkable inconvenience to other accommodation.

Appointment of name etc

  • Article 3

In the case that the hotel receives an accommodation application (hereinafter referred to as “reservation of accommodation reservation”) prior to the staying day, a time limit is determined and a notice of the following matters to the applicant of the accommodation reservation There is something you may ask.

(1) Name, sex, nationality and occupation of guests.

(2) Other matters that the Hotel deems necessary.

Deposit money

  • Article 4

In the event of accepting an application for accommodation reservation, the hotel may request the payment of a deposit up to the accommodation fee of the accommodation period (three days if the staying period exceeds three days) by specifying the deadline There is.

If the deposit under the preceding paragraph falls under the case prescribed in the following Article, it will be refunded if it is allocated to the penalty of the said Article and there is a remaining amount.

Reservation cancellation

  • Article 5

The hotel will charge a penalty charge according to the separate table, the penalty payment application regulation when the applicant of the accommodation reservation cancels all or part of the accommodation reservation.

However, in the case of a cancellation of the hotel reservation for a group guest (more than 15 members of the Haying Members, the same shall apply hereinafter), the day before 10 days of the staying date (after the day the hotel will stay This is not the
case with respect to the number of people who are 10% of the number of people planned to stay at the day when they received the application for reservation (on the day when they
received the application for reservation), rounded up if fractions are given.

If the hotel does not arrive even if the guest does not contact and arrives at 8 pm on the day of the accommodation day (in the case where the scheduled arrival time is specified beforehand, the time when two hours have elapsed) The reservation may be deemed to have been canceled by the applicant and processed

  • Article 6

The hotel can cancel the hotel reservation in the following cases, except when otherwise specified.

(1) When it comes to falling under item 2, item 3 to item 7.

(2) In cases where seeking clarification of matters of Article 3, item 1, when those matters are not announced by the deadline.

(3) In the case of requesting payment of the first reservation money of Article 4, when there is no payment by the deadline.

When the hotel cancels the accommodation reservation pursuant to the provision of the preceding paragraph, we will refund any reservation money already received for that reservation.

Accommodation registration

  • Article7

Guests are advised to register the following items in the hotel at the entrance gate (front office) of the hotel on the day of stay.

(1) Items of Article 3 item 1.

(2) For foreigners, passport number, Japan landing site and landing date.

(3) Departure date and time.

(4) Other matters deemed necessary by the hotel.

Check out time

  • Article 8

It is assumed that the time when guests will open our room (check out time) is 10 am.

Notwithstanding the provision of the preceding paragraph, the hotel may exceed the checkout time and respond to the use of the guest room. In this case, we will charge you the excess fee as you go next.

● One room, per hour, 1,100 yen

Payment of fee

  • Article 9

Payment of the fee will be paid in the hotel front desk by the currency or the travel check or voucher recognized by the hotel, when the guest checks out or when the hotel requests. However, personal checks are not handled.

The accommodation fee will be charged even if the guest did not arbitrarily stay after using the room.

Compliance with usage rules

  • Article 10

Guests are required to comply with the usage rules posted in the hotel as determined by the hotel within the hotel.

Rejection of continuation of stay

  • Article 11

The hotel may refuse to stay in the next case even during the accommodation period underwritten.

(1) When it comes to falling under item 2, item 3 to item 7.

(2) When not obeying the use rule in the preceding article.

Residence responsibility

  • Article 12

Responsibility for accommodation of the hotel begins when the guests register
the accommodation at the entrance hall (front office) of the hotel or when entering the guest room, whichever comes first, and in order for the guests to depart I will finish when I open the room.

When the guest can no longer offer guests to the hotel due to reasons attributable to the hotel’s responsibility, except for difficult circumstances due to natural disasters or other reasons, the accommodation facility will accommodate other accommodation facility will accommodate other accommodation facilities on the same or similar conditions . In this case, there will be no further room charge including the accommodation fee on the day when the offer of rooms can not be continued.

The hotel is not responsible for accidents that occurred because the guest did not comply with the usage rules posted on the hotel. penalty